Friday, September 1, 2017

Seminars at the 13th IAWRT Film Festival

Details of two seminars held at the13th IAWRT Asian Film festival at IIC, Delhi


Feminism as a term and an idea has never seen as much common usage as it does at the present moment. With the internet the idea has expanded outwards from the common understanding of feminism being linked to organizational activism and academic work, to include numerous campaigns, expressive online projects and different forms of collectives, that may or may not define themselves as activist.

How does one document a constantly evolving idea? The documenting of feminism as movement, not a movement(s) – is to offer some understanding of the movement of the idea of feminism in the world; to examine genealogies in movements as well as interesting continuities and discontinuities.

At the same time, given its dynamic nature, in some ways, even the carrying out of feminist work in different forms, feminist practice, itself becomes a kind of dynamic documentation of the ideas of feminism. Different feminist gestures and initiatives in themselves become a way of theorizing about feminism, of offering an interpretation of what feminism is. They suggest a different way of defining documentation.

The seminar looks at this vibrant terrain through different forms of feminist documentation practices. These will be: feminist publishing house (Kali for Women/Zubaan); documentary theatre of Sushama Deshpande; Khabar Lahariya, a rural women’s newspaper; contemporary feminist webzine The Ladies Finger; a study of the numerous campaigns and initiatives of the last 3 years by Vinita Sahasranaman and through the campus based movement Pinjra Tod.

 Women Reporting on Violence Against Women

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a universal problem. In most societies, irrespective of their caste, age or status, women are subjected to physical, sexual, psychological and economic violence. Having its origin in the patriarchal structure of society, societal and cultural attitudes sometimes tolerate and also encourage such violent behaviour. This panel hopes to discuss the challenges of reporting on GBV, the ethical questions and concerns, the need for maintaining confidentiality, concealing identities and preserving the dignity of the survivors and handling these complicated stories sensitively.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Meet the Festival Team

Festival Director: Subasri Krishnan
General Programming: Bina Paul, Deepika Sharma, Subasri Krishnan and Surabhi Sharma
Animation Films: Nina Sabnani
Artists' Film and Video: Iram Ghufran
Soundphiles: Parvati Balagopal and Samina Mishra
Seminar Anchors: Archana Kapoor and Paromita Vohra
Fund Raising: Archana Kapoor
Festival Co-ordination Team: Aparna Sanyal, Deepika Sharma, Yashodara Udupa
Technical Support: Sabari Pandian
Design: Salim Khan
Press Publicity: Aparna Sanyal
Social Media Publicity: Yashodara Udupa

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Announcing the 2nd Jai Chandiram Memorial Fellowship

IAWRT India is very happy to announce that the 2nd Jai Chandiram Memorial Fellowship, 2016 has been awarded to Debjani Mukherjee. Her project is titled The Dotted Lines - Bhuri Bai - the Bhil Artist. The jury citation states that her project "goes beyond the issues, concerns and artistic expressions of women located in urban areas, Debjani's project places at its centre, the art and voice of an adivasi artist. A woman who both, documents her own life and dreams through traditional Bhil paintings, while at the same time addressing complex socio-cultural issues in her environment that touch upon gender, child labor, community beliefs, myths, animal sacrifice, social disparity and tensions inherent between village and urban life. Debjani seeks to pull together this broad canvas through an animated documentary film, which makes the project particularly inspirational."

Congratulations Debjani!