Wednesday, March 1, 2006

2nd IAWRT Asian Women's Film Festival 2006

IAWRT 2nd Asian Women's Film Festival 2006
Women, Media and Spciety: Transformations


9:30AM Inauguration 30m

My Life as a Poster: 8m;
Shashwati Talukdar (India/USA)

A fake autobiography designed to stimulate debate, it tells a fictional story about the filmmaker and her family; explores stereotypical notions about Indian culture, the marginalizing aspects of identity politics and the "First World's" expectations from a "Third World" filmmaker.



A Certain Liberation: 37m;
Yasmine Kabir (Bangladesh)

A portrait of Gurudasi Mondol, who lost her mind as she watched her family being killed, during the Liberation War of Bangladesh.

Kagad Kaanch Patra: 16m;
Reema Borah

She is a rag picker. She wants to build a house of her own. But …. A moving portrait of an ordinary Indian dealing with the odds.

Printed Rainbow: 15m;
Gitanjali Rao

A story of the dreariness of urban life and the escape into an imagined world of curiosity and colour. (animation)

My Confession – the Picture Diary: 10m
Lor Yew Mien (Malaysia)

It became my picture diary, talking about the politics of space and desires in this context of gender.

The Quest: 5m
Soo You (Taiwan R.O.C)

The Chinese word, “Me” without many strokes had always confused me………..



Women of the Holy Kingdom: 48m
Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy (Canada)
The women's movement inside Saudi Arabia challenges traditions clamouring for rights in study, work & travel denounced by clerics & working mothers.

A Decent Samosa, Ya! : 25m
Natasha Badhwar & Radhika Bordia
When you leave your land forever, what is it that you take with you?

4:10 BREAK


Leena Manimekalai
Explores the impact of traditions of Naiker community on women.

The Journey: 16m
Rita Chandel

Trying to see and understand myself and my life through the camera.

Will Think for Food: 4m
Parvinder Kaur
A wannabe film director… A top notch talent campus… A theme… A deadline… and no concept!

5:40 BREAK


Beyond the Wheel: 59m
Rajula Shah

Three women potters living in 21st century India engage with each other as artists, across the divides of tradition, taboo and modernity.

On an Express Highway: 28m
Reena Mohan

The film traces the journey of a successful 33 year old woman who gave up the material world for the austere life of a Jain sadhvi.

Our Own Eyes: 28m
Ranu Sharma

The film focuses on two individuals grappling with issues of personal expression, identity and their relationship with the spaces they inhabit.




Sharira: Chandralekha’s Exploration in Dance: 28m
Ein Lall
Dancer-choreographer Chandralekha’s mission is to set free the body, allowing movement to flow… The film examines three of her major works.

She Write: 55m
Anjali Monteiro & K P Jayasankar
On four Tamil women poets – Salma, Kuttirevathi, Malathy Maitri and Sukirtharani – whose work resists the dominant male-centred discourse and patriarchy.

11:30 BREAK


The House on Gulmohar Avenue: 30m
Samina Mishra

Traces the personal journey of the filmmaker through the ideas of identity and belonging, in the context of being Muslim is India today.

Trans-* : 12m
Tejal Shah

This video constructs the trans- formation, site, mutation, figuration from one gender to its opposite. A reflection about our need to explore opposite gender behaviour.

Where’s Sandra: 17m
Paromita Vohra

A playful look at the figure of "Sandra", which is part covetous fantasy of the racy Christian girl from Bombay as a secretary, wears a dress and likes to dance and part condescending stereotype of a dowdy, religious girl from a minority community.



For Love or Izzat: 58m
Sonali Dutta (India / UK) ????

The film investigates forced marriages and honour killing amongst Britain's Asian community.

Untitled: 3 Narratives: 18m
Kavita Joshi
Manipur: 12 women protest in Imphal; a mother laments her dead son; for 5 years, a woman has been on a fast-unto-death. Why? Narratives of paon and resistance from conflict-torn corner of India…

4:10 BREAK


For Maya: 38m
Vasudha Joshi

Made to commemorate 50 years of Indian Independence, the film delves into the lives of four generations of women in the director’s family, and explores the spaces they create for themselves.

Biji: a Documentary on My Grandmother: 20m
Dipti M Panesar

A portrayal of the relationship between a grandmother (Biji), her husband (Papaji) and their granddaughter – Gudiya (the cameraperson) – through the knitting of a sweater.

Lemon Yellow Afternoons… : 13m
Monisha R Baldawa

Amma is a Tamilian housewife; Chinu is a Maharashtrian girl; and they are neighbours in a chawl. The story is an exploration of their relationship.

5:45 BREAK

Walking on a Moonbeam: 17m
Madhureeta Anand

It is a retrospect of a young girl who was sexually abused and how it changed her worldview as a child – the film alternates between the present and past.

Lanka: The Other Side of War and Peace : 75m
Iffat Fatima

The film explores the impact of Sri Lanka's brutal history of overlapping conflicts. witnessed most poignantly by those who have suffered through this violence giving expressions to the larger narrative of war and peace.

Talks on both days by:
Abhilasha Kumari
Iffat Fatima
Jitender Gill
Kavita Joshi
Madhureeta Anand
Samina Mishra