Thursday, September 1, 2011

Festival of Emerging Cinemas: Schedule

Festival of Emerging Cinemas

Connecting Indias

August 8-12, 2011, 7 pm onwards

Venue: Gulmohar, Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Monday, 8 August

BAHA (Sadri/Nagpuri, 112 min, 2009)

Dir: Shriprakash

A young tribal man’s dream of becoming a singer against the backdrop of the Jharkhand music industry

Tuesday, 9 August

MALEGAON KE SHOLAY (Hindi, 150 min, 1999)

Dir: Shaikh Nasir

An innovative and delightful reworking of the Bollywood classic ‘Sholay’

Wednesday, 10 August

Presentation on MUSIC VIDEOS OF UTTARAKHAND by Journalist/Musician Himanshu Joshi

THE LAMENT OF NIYAMRAJA (Kondh, 13 min, 2007)

Dir: Suryashankar Dash

The song of a mountain that is sold to a mining company by the government, sung by a bard of the Dongaria Kondh adivasi community who consider the mountain sacred

GADI LOHARDAGA MAIL (Nagpuri, 27 min, 2006)

Dir: Meghnath & Biju Toppo

A musical journey intertwining the pathos of the peoples’ struggle for survival and the end of a narrow gauge train between Ranchi and Lohardaga

SONA GAHI PINJARA (Kurukh, 20 min, 2011)

Dir: Biju Toppo

A musical short fiction film about how people from tribal communities are unable to attend their festivals back home because the official set up does not recognise them

Thursday, 11 August

TOKSKAL (Ladhaki, 80 min, 2004)

Dir: Jigmet Omachik

A historical costume drama based on a traditional Ladhaki tale exploring truth and love

Friday, 12 August

THE SUN IS STILL NOT SETTING (Manipuri, 27 min, 2010)

Dir: Suvas Elangbam

A poignant film that captures the simplicity and gentleness in the life of a little girl living with her grandfather in the backdrop of strife torn Imphal

BRIEF COMPANION IN A CAPITAL CITY (Manipuri/Hindi/Assamese/English, 65 min, 2009)

Dir: Dorendra Waribam

A deeply personal exploration of the city of Delhi through the eyes of an ‘outsider’