Saturday, October 18, 2014

Call for Experimental Films

Wherever we may find ourselves, in these sets of words,
the main idea behind it, is to bring together a series of works,
which question and explore each of these categories,
and by all means stretch them beyond what they ordinarily come to mean. 
In this struggle to define experimental, we have tried to locate it
in the method or practice of making a film.

Starting a conversation around what experimental can be
in relation to the methods we use to make films.
This includes the resources we use, the way we shoot visuals,
the way we record sound or the way we edit and
everything else that comes along the way of making a film.
Traveling. Engaging with actors or non-actors.
Writing a script or abandoning one already written.
Exploring, how do these works, then become and remain relevant
to the world around us and the people who engage with them.

We invite you to share any piece of work from your practice
that can be screened as part of this compilation.

Please send an online preview link of the work to
and we'll be in touch with you about the screening format
and other technical details.
If you would like to send it via post, following is the address

Priyanka Chhabra
IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival
B-2/71, Azad Apartments
Sri Aurobindo Marg
New Delhi 110016
Mobile (+91) 9717.997.530

If you know of any other filmmaker who's work you feel aligns 

with this exploration, we request you to share their contact 
or connect us, so as many works as possible can be included 
in the programme.

A set of works, will be presented during the annual
IAWRT Asian Women's Film Festival,
from March 3-5 2015 in New Delhi, India.

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