Saturday, July 9, 2016


Akila Sivaraman was among the few women in her time with a  career in media. Her contribution to broadcasts on education and music is immense. She holds a PhD on Women in Mass Media and lives in Chennai.

Alka Hingorani is a Mumbai based Art Historian and photographer. She teaches story and narrative and ways of seeing the world through expressions in a variety of media including film, sculpture, painting, and writing. She holds a Masters in Design in Photography from UC, Berkeley, and a PhD in History of Art, also from UC, Berkeley. Her book, “Making faces: Self and Image Creation in a Himalayan Valley” was published in 2012.

Aparna Sanyal is a producer, director and communication consultant based in Delhi, and has produced/ directed more than 100 hours of business TV programming, more than 60 hours of television documentaries and more than 15 independent documentary/ short films for Indian and international channels. Aparna was one of the international jurors for the UNICEF Asia Pacific Child Rights Films Award in 2009, 2010 & 2014. She has been the recipient of Film Fellowships from the Public Service Broadcasting trust in 2010, 2011 and 2016. In 2010, she was recognised by the British Council as a 'Young Creative Entrepreneur'. In 2011, she won multiple awards for her film 'A Drop of Sunshine'. In 2012, she was awarded the 'Rajat Kamal' by the President of India at the 59th National Film Awards. In 2015, she was awarded a prestigious Research Grant from the Charles Wallace India Trust for her next film on Vajrayana Buddhism (commissioned by the Films Division of India).

Deepika Sharma is a Delhi based filmmaker and producer. She co-directed her first film with Afrah Shafiq for Yahoo Original titled 'Dream Girls.’ She has also worked as a producer with Delhi based company Filmatters and done projects with the BBC, PBS and Channel 4. She has recently moved to New Delhi and is currently working as a producer on a documentary series for Channel 4 on New Delhi police.

Deepti Khurana is a filmmaker and works at the State University of Performing and Visual Arts, Rohtak, Haryana. She holds a PGD in Film Direction from FTII Pune.

Pallavi Paul is a filmmaker and artist based in Delhi. Her work is deeply engaged in the technologies of poetry and time travel. She works primarily with video and the installation form to propose orders of tensility that inhabit non-fiction material. Using the disruption between ‘reality image’ and ‘documentary’ as a starting point, she attempts to create a laboratory of possibilities which test the contours of fantasy, resistance, politics and history.  Some fellowships that she has received include Charles Wallace and Inlaks Sivdasani Award for Emerging Indian Artist, India Foundation for the Arts fellowship for Arts Practice, Public Service Broadcasting Trust Fellowship for Non-Fiction Film, Fellowship for experimental video

Savitri Medhatul
 is a Mumbai based documentary filmmaker and theatre actor-director. She has produced and directed Natale Tumchyasathi (2008) a documentary film about lives of Lavani artist. And All God’s People Said (2015) a film exploring the pentecostal community in Mumbai. She has also collaborated on other international film projects such as Liquid City (2007) about water distribution in Mumbai, Next Year in Bombay film about Bene Israeli community in Mumbai. Savitri directed a theatre production Sangeet Bari in 2015, a contemporary Lavani performance designed in documentary theatre format.  It’s based on the book written by Bhushan Korgaonar with the same name.