Wednesday, August 3, 2016


We are happy to inform you that the Board has selected Ms Subasri Krishnan as the Festival Director for the 13th IAWRT Asian Film Festival to be held on March 2-4,2017.

We are delighted to have Subasri as the Festival Director as she brings with her years of domain experience . She has been attending the IAWRT festivals for the last 8 years and has volunteered in various capacities.

Subasri has loads of experience in film curation and screenings of non-fiction films. She is the curator of the Urban Lens film festival, a festival of non-fiction films that engages around the urban, along with being the founder of the festival. Apart from this, in 2014 she curated a set of films and a panel discussion on films from Sri Lanka for the IAWRT film festival. She is also a part of the  network of filmmakers in Delhi, who organize monthly screening of films called FD Zone Delhi.

Subasri, is keen to build on the good work done by her predecessors and has a clear vision on the way forward without compromising on the spirit and space of the festival.