The following Board will be in office from April, 2018 till March 2020.

Board of Trustees

Nupur Basu, Managing Trustee
Aparna Sanyal, Secretary
Deepika Sharma, Treasurer

Executive board members(trustees)

Samina Mishra
Paromita Vohra
Bina Paul
Mausumi Bhattacharyya
Subasri Krishnan
Ananya Chakraborti

At a time when the Me Too movement has captured the imagination of the world, our vision in IAWRT Chapter India is to do everything we can to create a space for women media practitioners to ensure that we can do their work without bias, discrimination or abuse. 

We strive to provide a sustaining space for professional network of women media practitioners to build on a shared vision and ideas. These deeper conversations can be had through our different activities like film festivals,seminars,workshops and exhibitions. 

While enabling media practitioners, we also want to provide a platform to create, share, disseminate and work towards a more equitable media landscape 
in which women are more visible in the media. 

In March 2019, we will be holding the 15th edition of the IAWRT Asian Women's Film Festival (AWFF).The AWFF has grown in stature and popularity with each passing year. It brings together women filmmakers of Asian origin from across the world on a common platform in Delhi for a four- day festival around International Women's Day.There are accompanying seminars,workshops and exhibitions.

The travelling festivals that are an offshoot of AWFF have been highly appreciated in festivals curated in countries worldwide.The India Chapter have also helped set up two important women's festivals in Herat (Afghanistan) and Kathmandu (Nepal). We want to try and strengthen these ties and interactions further with women film and media practitioners in other countries in the region like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka over the next two years.

We have a rich pool of very talented members who can be resource persons and mentors in partnering with like minded organisations - conducting seminars on contemporary challenges facing the media like censorship,online trolling ;
workshops on gender mainstreaming; media literacy in remote places in India; film making workshops in educational institutions and supporting women and students working with community radio. 

The IAWRT International sponsored Long Documentary projects,a unique collaborative model of filmmaking ,has also become a important event in our creative calendar. Each year our India chapter members have contributed to these productions in a major way.

The first documentary in this series was - Hands on - (Executive Producer- Liz Miller) on the theme of women and climate change. 

The second film in the series - Reflecting Her - ( Executive Producer- Bina Paul) was on the theme of women's reproductive rights. Both these films have both been screened at several venues in India and the world.

The third IAWRT long documentary - Velvet Revolution (Executive Producer - Nupur Basu) continues to spread the message of the grim challenges that women journalists face throughout the world. The documentary has had over 75 screenings so far worldwide and in India including in prestigious film festivals and inside the UNHQ in New York.

The fourth film in this long documentary series is on the theme of women and conflict and is in production right now ( Executive Producer- Chandita Mukherjee). We look forward to its premiere soon.

We will try and pursue our key strategic goals of empowerment of women in media and film through various activities .