IAWRT Long Documentary 2018: Call For Directors

IAWRT Long Documentary Executive Producer Announced

We are happy to announce that Chandita Mukherjee has been selected as the Executive Producer for  IAWRT Long Documentary, 2017-2018. The theme for the film is Women Covering Conflict: the invisible stories.

Chandita Mukherjee is a documentary filmmaker, science communicator, teacher and inveterate traveller. An alumna of Miranda House College at Delhi University and the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), she decided early in her professional life to work in the area of non-fiction.

Working with NGOs and educational institutions, she has produced films, posters, booklets, photo exhibitions, organised learning festivals and been a trainer and resource person, with the history of science and technology as a running theme in her work.

At present Chandita directs the activities of an NGO based in Bombay called Comet Media Foundation. She likes to explore the different ways that people understand the world and act on it. She wants to communicate this through her film work and to sensitise audiences through the self-awareness such knowledge creates. She feels that this fascination and resulting search have brought her to her present practice as a documentary filmmaker.