Saturday, February 23, 2013

IAWRT Exhibitions
3-8 March
IIC Annexe Art Gallery

An exhibition of Photographs
by Monica Bhasin and Uma Tanuku

Two filmmakers observe the residual, the transient and the intricate in everyday life through their photographic works.

Monica Bhasin is a filmmaker with a background in documentary film.  Photography however laid the foundation for her image-making practice.
Walking through the streets of Panjim and reflecting upon the adjacent waterfronts, the photographer gathers residues of everyday life.  The sea leaves objects and patterns, light leaves shadows, spaces and structures weather the passing of time and decay; a way of life and the design of things are marked by history.  Engaging with space, the photographic works are fragments of the narratives of the everyday.

Uma Tanuku is a filmmaker who loves still photography.
Ordinary spaces, activities and objects become imbued with a life of their own as light touches them creating a strange ephemeral magic. They become almost unrecognizable, drawing us in and transporting us to another world.  Perhaps the detail is more absorbing than the big picture.