Saturday, February 23, 2013

6-7 March
Gandhi-King Plaza, IIC

Installation by Priyanka Chhabra & Manmeet Kaur
So you thought you were free, liberated, free of fear of the other and the self?

Just how far deep and where does the emotion of shame reside?  Does it live between by breasts and the fine line that peeps out when I wear a tight shirt?  Or in the landscape that unglamorously sprouts between my lips and my nose?  Or maybe in the dark shadows below my stomach and between my legs?  Is there a place or point in life before which I never felt shame?

The installation will try and explore the psychology of the emotion of shame, where it stems from the how it comes to make home in women's bodies and minds.  Candid and spontaneous conversations with a select number of women and men will try and join the dots between sex, sexual harassment and the emotion of shame and the order in which they appear in our lives and how long they tend to stay.

Priyanka Chhabra has been working as a director, editor and illustrator.  An eager traveller, she is interested in areas of video art, urbanism, new media and anthropological research.
Manmeet Kaur is a campaigner working on sustainability issues, based in Delhi.