Sunday, February 2, 2014

Announces the selection for | s o u n d p h i l e s | 2014

1.  Consciousness of Dreams (7:08 min, India)
     by Anupam Purkayastha & Ankita Purkayastha

2.  Empathy (5:28 min, India)
     by Komal Sachdeva and Sana Amir

3.  Farz-I Muhal/As If (4:47 min, Turkey)
     by Nazli Deniz

4.   Kabariiiiaaaaa (6:32 min, India)
      by Rashmi Kaleka

5.   PCO1: Rangoon (1:18 min, India)
      by Paromita Vohra

6.   Threads As Yet Undone (5 min, India)
      by Ruchika Negi and Amit Mahanti

7.   Transmissions From A Missing Satellite (7min, Pakistan)
      by Mehreen Murtaza

8.   Switchboard 1:Ruby The Telephone Operator (2:56 min, India)
      by Paromita Vohra

9.   We Want Justic (2:30min, India)
      by Namrata Mehta

10. Rehearsal for a poem (2:21 min, India)
      by Saba Hasan

11. War from 1980 till today (4:36 min, Iran)
      by Shiva Sanjari

12. We Have Never Been Modern (7:12 min, India/USA)
      by Shumona Goel and Michael Northam

13. Neuro-ICU (5:28 min, India)
      by Sindhu Thirumalaisamy

14.  [re]locate (the attack) (5:26 min, UK)
       by Tahera Aziz

15.  August (Edited) (5:41, India)
       by Usha Rao

Curator's Note | s o u n d p h i l e s | 2014 
Soundphiles is a celebration of listening. Our worlds today are navigated increasingly through images with sound running as a hidden layer, a track that runs incessantly and yet remains invisible...Read More