Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Installation at Gandhi King Plaza, India International Centre
4-7 March 2014

What is the nature of our relationship with water?
Is it to be found in the spaces between wetness and dryness?
What else can we find in spaces, in silence, in emptiness, on edges?


I have explored these questions in paper sculptures and photographs.

Water is intrinsic to the process of paper making. Paper’s response to dryness is surprisingly sculptural! Dryness is also looked at, in photographs of performance art
on one of Bangalore’s dying lakes.


Jenny Pinto thought she was a quintessential " Bombay girl" who would never be happy living anywhere else. When she was pretty comfortable as an ad film maker and mother , she decided to move to a new city and new ways of expressing her creativity. She discovered hand made paper quite by accident and has been exploring the art and craft of it for the past 16 years. She lives and works in Bangalore.

Her work can be viewed at