Sunday, February 22, 2015

Experimental Films


conversations meander in large cityscapes
we remain lost yet found
amongst time spent, and used up
 meshed in the folds of mountains and breathing waves
a fish yearns for her lover
 nimble fingers trace an embroidery
a young girl in her solitude
 dances through 

While struggling to define experimental, the aim of the compilation was to try and locate the idea in the method or practice of making a film. What emerges are varied cinematic images; Sewing Room builds an imaginary realm on fragments of text and shrunken frames, Night Noon through the specific luminescence of moonlight, Lost in Home by dividing the frame and time itself into the past, present and the future and moving lines and cut-outs dwelling on the nature of stories in the Scientist Meets the Storyteller.

The works presented as part of this compilation, interestingly found echoes amongst each other.  Movement of time and gesture across different kinds of landscapes; set constructions in Mount Song, large desolate streets of Brisbane in Faraways, the site of love between a fish and its lover in Fish Love or the duration of an unedited conversation in Noon-Day Dispensary.

Though coming from different practices, across different times, in some way or another they all explore either memories of space or spaces of memory..

Priyanka Chhabra
Curator, Experimental Films
11th IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival