Saturday, February 21, 2015

S O U N D P H I L E S - 2 0 1 5

C U R A T O R S '   N O T E

The second edition of SOUNDPHILES is themed around Time Fabric. We bring together works that in myriad ways foreground the relationship between sound and time. How does sound shape our experience of time? And how does time shape our experience of listening? Sometimes, when time is very slow, the ticking clock sounds louder than it is, sometimes, in the frenzy of a moment, one sound remains and becomes a portal to enter that ‘once-upon-a-time’. And sometimes, time hangs so heavy that even silence is sound. Sometimes sound is music, sometimes sound is signal, but always noise is also sound.

The works in this edition explore time in diverse ways – as a season in Pahadi Pastoralists, as aging in Swimming Pool, as a generational gap in Lonely Lives, as a fraught media environment of the Emergency Control Room, as tradition to be discarded in Saving Disgrace, as field recordings of a rivulet sped up in Riverrun 2013, as a loss and a waiting in Number Unreachable, and as an experience of listening in time through time in Levels.

SOUNDPHILES sets a limit on the duration of the works to under 7 minutes, and within that we attempt to create an experience of the multiple ebbs and flows of uncounted time. Our aim as in the past is to produce a shared listening environment, which speaks to an experience of cinema viewing as a public act. To this shared public-ness, we bring together experiences of intimacy, estrangement, and solidarity. SOUNDPHILES is an act of collective listening in a darkened room, perhaps, also a process of captivity in linear time. In narrative filmmaking time is linear, yet time is also still. Taking a cue from Cinema, SOUNDPHILES experiments with viewing TIME but without the cinematic image; will we experience the linearity of time, its stillness and its simultaneity?

S a m i n a   M i s h r a
I r a m   G h u f r a n