Monday, June 25, 2012

CHANGEMAKERS: Documentary Production Grants for 5 minute films awarded to 2 Indian Filmmakers

2 members of the India Chapter have been awarded Production Grants for 5 minute films.

The Grantees are - 

Leena Manimekalai for her film about Dayamani Barla, the first Jharkhand Adivasi journalist who fought India’s largest steel plant with a mass movement and a tireless stride.

Geeta Sahai for her film about Kavita Kumar giving hope to mentally challenged children live a life of dignity in India.

This is the 3rd Documentary Production Grant Project for IAWRT members to produce compelling documentaries on issues affecting women worldwide. This year 20 IAWRT producers have been selected to support the production of a five-minute radio or television/video documentaries on the topic - CHANGEMAKERS - about women in our lives who are taking a stand on local, regional and international issues.  They are taking risks, asking difficult questions ad finding new solutions to the problems of our times.

Ten (10) radio and ten (10) video production applications have been selected.